Incorporated in 2011, ViaSun is a specialty pavement surface treatment contractor providing the knowledge, expertise, equipment and personnel to successfully perform any pavement preservation or civil construction project you may need. ViaSun is recognized as one of the few surface treatment contractors in the state and has a fleet of specialty, proprietary and customized equipment to meet project needs. Our capacity to bring the right equipment, staffed by experienced operators is supported by a self-performed fleet maintenance and management program which includes a robust custom fabrication and “to specification” component. Our deep investment in the people and equipment vital to successfully delivering pavement preservation services makes ViaSun absolutely unique. We have the ability to control every aspect of the delivery of this scope of work from fabrication of the application vehicles themselves to the final applied product in the field. This results in the highest level of delivered quality.

ViaSun approaches each project with a team attitude. That team includes our clients as we share the same goal: a project done well, on time and within the budget, that adds not only a functional value to a community but also an aesthetic one. We partner with every owner, integrating transparent actions with clear communication to produce a high-functioning, focused group of professionals and a terrific end result.

Our people stand ready to do everything possible to make that goal a reality. Each member brings dedication to the job, commitment to innovative, cost and time solutions and a desire for perfection, down to the smallest detail.  Our staff has the experience and knowledge to meet the challenge of any job, large or small, and the willingness to take on and learn from those opportunities to improvise, innovate and implement solutions that make each project delivered the very best it can be.