At ViaSun, we are committed to delivering superior quality civil construction and pavement preservation projects to our clients and to the communities in which we live and work. We approach each project with a team attitude, and that team includes our clients as we share the same goal: a project done well, on time and within the budget, that adds not only a functional value to a community but also an aesthetic one. We partner with every owner, integrating transparent actions with clear communication to produce a high-functioning, focused group of professionals and the best solutions for each project.


The commitment to safety begins with our executive team, extends through all levels of supervision, and is clearly communicated with all ViaSun field personnel. At ViaSun, we have developed a comprehensive safety program that addresses the risks inherent to civil and pavement preservation work in the industry. Our safety program extends to our subcontractors, using safety as one of many selection factors, and providing safety briefings and trainings before anyone steps foot on the job site.


Our team works diligently to find the best solutions for each project, and sometimes that means creating new solutions. We are committed to utilizing new approaches and cutting-edge materials to set higher standards for our industry and provide the highest quality outcomes for our clients. Our experts are pioneering change and developing higher quality, more sustainable, and more efficient methods, tools, and products. As an example of our steadfast devotion to improvement, our ArmorCoat™ is a 100% recycled asphalt product aggregate that manages road waste and provides a slurry seal with improved adhesion and aesthetics. We also fabricated our AccuSpray™ truck, which delivers 47-57% more material with nearly a 90% reduction in loss from overspray or drift.


Understanding and mitigating impacts to traffic are two vital components of our work. In 2016, ViaSun established a separate Traffic Control Division. Providing in-house traffic control yields a 41% reduction in mobilization time to the field, 53% reduction in demobilization time, and significantly higher MUTCD compliance for traffic control device condition and reflectivity ratings. We are proud to state that now over 70% of ViaSun field workers are ATSSA Certified Traffic Control Technicians. Self-performing traffic control allows us to develop site-specific traffic control plans that meet the needs of the ViaSun team performing work in the field while we minimize public impact and improve safety.


ViaSun is able to self-perform specialty maintenance, fabrication, and ongoing maintenance tasks on 100% of our vehicle fleet. This capacity is essential to delivering on time and within budget. Intent on optimizing the delivery process, we do not rely on out-of-state parts distributors or second-party fleet maintenance. Instead, our team learns every bolt on every truck to maximize operational time for this very specialized equipment fleet. Years of experience and a large pool of resources provides ViaSun the capability to mobilize quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. While we are able to mobilize the personnel, equipment, and supplies needed to perform anywhere, we also understand how to minimize the typical costs associated with mobilization.